Japan CAMAKE three-purpose lying silkworm double eyelid eyeliner

■ It can be used in 3 ways!・Double emphasis: If you draw a double line with transparent red, it will...
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Product Intro

■ It can be used in 3 ways!
・Double emphasis: If you draw a double line with transparent red, it will blend with the color of the eyeshadow and the line will not float easily!
・Tear bag shadow: Although it becomes a shadow, it also improves the skin tone!
If you use shadow color liquid to paint, the complexion is not good, or you look tired and old, it is recommended to paint with transparent red!
・Plumping Eye Effect: Reveal eye volume effect by painting the entire volume of the lower eyelid!
Use this alone to create a fluffy tear bag without adding shadows!
・It is also recommended to draw on the lower eyelid as it naturally emphasizes the eyes.
・By using three effects at the same time, a skin tone is created around the eyes, giving a brighter and cuter impression than shadow colors♡
Recommended for those who are not good at light brown shades.
■ special thin
Brush ・ The brush is thinner from the root so that the drawn line does not become thicker, and it is finished as a short brush so that distance can be drawn easily, and the brush is moderately firm.
- Because it is a very thin brush, the lines do not become thicker, and double lines that emphasize double lines and teardrop shadows can be drawn more naturally!
■ durable
, Waterproof, anti-sweat, anti-sebum, anti-friction!
・Double lines drawn in the morning ・Shades of tear pockets ・Keep skin tone for a long time until it disappears!

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