MG Eclipse Gundam + Raijin Striker 1/100

From the official side story of Striker's new curved beam cannon that strengthens Eclipse "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED ECLIPSE", the...
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Pickup currently unavailable at 82 Doncaster Avenue

MG Eclipse Gundam + Raijin Striker 1/100

  • 82 Doncaster Avenue

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    82 Doncaster Avenue
    Markham ON L3T 1L3


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From the official side story of Striker's new curved beam cannon that strengthens Eclipse "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED ECLIPSE", the Eclipse Gundam 'Eclipse Gundam Raijin Equipment' equipped with the new Striker pack has been commercialized in the 1/100 scale MG series.

The new pack 'Raijin Striker Pack' is reproduced with new modeling. The body color that is different from the regular version is reproduced in molding color to create a new image. MG Eclipse Gundam's new Striker Pack Based on the concept of Lightning Striker, the Raijin Striker Pack with increased firepower and a large battery is reproduced with a new model. Based on the design by mechanical designer Junichi Akutsu, it is three-dimensional with sharp and precise modeling. Reproduction of characteristic armaments Complex designs such as the main armament's large beam cannon, composite pods, and thrusters are reproduced with precision modeling.

The head unit that strengthens the sensor system has a gimmick that connects with the head of Eclipse Gundam. It is possible to reproduce the "overdrive" function that instantly increases thrust by fully opening the overdrive booster . Slide the front and rear armor of the composite pod and deploy the thruster's deflection fins. The central thruster has three deflection fins that move.

It can also be installed in MA form. The Raijin Striker Pack can also be installed in Eclipse Gundam's MA form. Reproduces the flight form of a single aircraft and can fly solo as an unmanned aircraft. It transforms into a fighter jet-like silhouette and can be displayed alone on the included display base. Color pattern with a different impression Adopts a molding color with a different gradation from the "MG 1/100 Eclipse Gundam" currently on sale at stores. White, red, yellow, and blue coloring is expressed in a slightly matte coloring. A newly designed water slide decal is included.

Set content: Eclipse Gundam body set / Raijin Striker pack / Display base / Water transfer decal